Cat & Dog Grooming

Grooming Hours (NOT the same as our retail hours)
Mon - Fri 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.*
Sat 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.*
Sun by private appointment only
*Grooming hours may vary at the end of the day.

Our groomers take care of dogs and cats of all sizes, all breeds, and all ages.

Our certified, experienced pet groomers have been charming pets and their owners for years.

Your pet will feel the love in our clean, state-of-the-art grooming facility.

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  • –Dasheena C.
    Super sweet staff! Everyone made my little fur baby so calm and relaxed. We can't wait to go back for his spa day!
    –Dasheena C.
  • –Buffy C.
    Such kind & loving employees. They took great care in clipping my old dogs nails. We will surely return!
    –Buffy C.
  • –Laurence D.
    The groomers have been great with my labradoodle and a long-haired dachshund mix!
    –Laurence D.
  • –Paul A.
    This is a great place for nail trims, and they have a good selection of food, treats, and toys.
    –Paul A.
  • –Susan N.
    Healthi Paws has very helpful employees who don’t rush you. I am always happy with my purchases from Healthi Paws!
    –Susan N.
  • –Jen Z.
    I brought in our dog to get his nails trimmed…something he’s not very fond of having done! The groomer was very friendly and my dog’s tail wagged the entire time. We will be back!
    –Jen Z.
  • –Jennifer T.
    I love this place for grooming. They are so sweet to my pup!
    –Jennifer T.
  • –Claudia P.
    My dog relaxed as soon as Olivia touched her nails. I am so happy I booked two baths & grooming for two of my Shelties. We felt right at home!
    –Claudia P.
  • –S. E. M.
    Healthi Paws will always be my first stop for pet supplies. The level of service received is rivaled by no other.
    –S. E. M.
  • –David M.
    Healthi Paws is a great place! We get our dog groomed here every 6 weeks. They are so friendly & do a great job!
    –David M.
  • –Lisa R.
    My dog, Libby, loves the girls at Healthi Paws!
    –Lisa R.
  • –Leona B.
    The girls at Healthi Paws are amazing with my pug, Oscar!
    –Leona B.
  • –Kathy K.
    Kristy did an absolutely wonderful cut on my dog and she smells like lilies. We really enjoy the girls here. They do a great job!
    –Kathy K.
  • –Christopher C.
    Fast and friendly people!
    –Christopher C.
  • –Jim A.
    Vanessa is amazing! She really cares about your pets! The amount of effort she puts into doing things the right way is priceless. Also, I can’t say enough about how wonderful the ladies in the back are as well, even when dealing with a pain in the rear like myself!
    –Jim A.
  • –Henry K.
    Healthi Paws was great. Our cat absolutely loved the owner and the whole experience. He is very nervous around people, but was lying on his belly by the end of the grooming. I highly recommend taking your animal(s) here for anything you might need! We didn’t even have an appointment, but we needed to get him in ASAP. The staff was really nice and accommodated our cats’ needs. Vanessa gave us wonderful advice and took such great care of our boy.
    –Henry K.
  • – Brad G.
    This is the best place to shop for ALL things pet-related. We have a dog that loves going in for a haircut and picking out a treat! Great people at Healthi Paws!
    – Brad G.
  • – Craig B.
    Toenail Tuesdays for the win!
    – Craig B.
  • – Lisa R.
    I will DEFINITELY be returning! Friendly, helpful staff. In and out quickly even with a long line! It was so worth the visit today!
    – Lisa R.
  • – Joan M.
    Knowledgeable staff, discount days, and good selection of merchandise!
    – Joan M.
  • – Lauren B.
    Toenail Tuesdays are fantastic. You get a $7 toenail trim and the groomers are top notch!
    – Lauren B.
  • – Sharon M.
    Great local business!
    – Sharon M.
  • – Caitlyn M.
    Love this place! I take both my dogs there to see Natalie for grooming. She's great and everyone is always so nice.
    – Caitlyn M.
  • – Lori S.
    Owners and staff are knowledgeable and friendly.
    – Lori S.
  • – Christena O.
    Great service and selection at Healthi Paws, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.
    – Christena O.
  • – Chelsea E.
    Healthi Paws has good prices, good selections of almost everything, and I highly recommend their grooming services. The place is very pup-friendly!!
    – Chelsea E.
  • – Chelsea E.
    I always take my boy here (60 pound lab-pit) for their "toenail tuesdays" and even though he hates his nails being clipped, they're always super sweet and quick with him which makes it really easy on him.
    – Chelsea E.
  • – George C.
    Healthi Paws is a wonderful store with excellent grooming service. I highly recommend it for all your pet needs.
    – George C.
  • – John P.
    They have very knowledgeable and polite staff. They also did an amazing job grooming my springer spaniel. This is definitely my new favorite place for pet supplies.
    – John P.
  • – Meghan S.
    Healthi Paws is a great place with friendly, helpful staff. They have a healthy selection of pet needs. Absolutely love that I can take Schnauzers there to spruce up in between grooming. I highly recommend them.
    – Meghan S.
  • – David A.
    Healthi Paws has friendly and knowledgeable staff with a great selection of food, toys, and treats.
    – David A.
  • Noelle L.
    I recently took my 3 year old and 10 week old dogs to this shop for the first time. The staff was so welcoming. Prices were awesome, the product was high quality, and the woman who clipped my dog's nails was AMAZING. She was so sweet and knowledgeable. We will definitely be returning to Healthi Paws!
    Noelle L.
  • Mark F.
    Great place with friendly people! Our dog loves to go in and snoop around and meet the other dogs.
    Mark F.
  • Chandi F.
    Love this place!!! The service is tip top, and the selection is incredible. The grooming dept is the best around and the ladies are so friendly. And let's not forget that every holiday, they've got free pictures with Santa, the Easter bunny, and Cupid! We travel 30 miles to get our dog and cat food there because they carry only the best products!
    Chandi F.
  • Liann L.
    Always happy moods when I walk in and the staff is very knowledgeable on pet products.
    Liann L.
  • Debbie P
    Very nice and helpful. Best thing is they make my puppy feel at ease they have a great amount of patience and that is a major deal with my hyper little guy.
    Debbie P
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    Grooming very well done, clean, inviting environment.
    Arthur Hawryluk
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    Awesome store, great help, everything you need for your pets!! Perfect location, excellent groomers and even a dog wash in case you want to bathe & groom your pet yourself.
    Dawn Meyers
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    I had Christy trim my German Shepherd's nails today and she did a phenomenal job. He has terrible separation anxiety and has had a bad experience with nail trimmings in the past, so it was a breath of fresh air to be able to be present during the entire process. I highly recommend her!
    Nicole Dubar
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    Brought in Cooper for his first grooming after having terrible experiences with other groomers. Fantastic service and care for my dog. I highly recommend them for any grooming or pet food/toy!
    Andrew Berns
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    A few weeks ago, I had our elderly (almost 16 yrs old) dog groomed at Healthi Paws by Vanessa. It was an excellent experience for both our dog and myself. Our old girl is truly a member of the family, and has begun to develop dementia. She gets extremely anxious with grooming now, and has trouble after every groomer we've taken her to. I asked for a private grooming so I could stay with her, thinking that might help. Vanessa was more than willing to accommodate my request, and even worked with my schedule to be able to make it happen amidst the other appointments we had. She did AMAZING with our sweet dog, and I will only be using Vanessa from here on out. We've been buying our dog food online, but after having SUCH a positive experience, we will be buying all our animal products from Healthi Paws in order to support such a great, local business.
    Kathryn White
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    Won't take our dog anywhere else! We have a very anxious Doberman who hates water and nail trims with all of his sweet little heart! Even veterinarians have refused to cut his nails. Met Vanessa at a wedding and told her about his issues and was convinced take him in. We took him in for his first bath, expecting to get a report about how difficult he was...but we didn't! They were able to do what had been a such difficult and heartbreaking experience for us. We've seen so much improvement in his anxiety about grooming thanks to taking him to this great team consistently. Special thanks to Kristy who is always so good with our crazy Monkey man!
    Lindsey Easton Bair
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    Love Healthi Paws, every time my dogs go in they come back looking like a million bucks. Thank you for the awesome grooming you do on my boys!
    Christie Marie
  • healthi paws valparaiso
    I'm always hesitant to leave my little Marlie anywhere. He's blind and sometimes gets nervous in unfamiliar places. But he always leaves Healthi Paws so happy. Thank you for treating him so well and all the hard work you do to keep him looking adorable.
    Jaclyn K.