U Wash Dog Wash in Valparaiso, Indiana

$10 – Every Day – Any Size Dog

You clean your pet – we clean the mess!

Bath time for your pet made easy at Healthi Paws.

**The Dog Wash closes 30 min before store closing.**

Our 2 private U Wash Dog Wash units are available to use without an appointment.

The private suites are cleaned and sanitized after every use and come equipped with no-slip flooring to ensure safety of our two and four legged customers.

Getting your pet into the tub is easy!

A removable door enables your pet to walk in, rather than be lifted. A hydraulic lift allows you to raise and lower the unit to the height that is comfortable for you. Eye hooks in the tub make it easy to safely secure your dog, regardless of his size.

U Wash Dog Wash Healthi Paws

Once you are ready to start bathing, the flexible hose with fully adjustable water temperature allows you to reach every inch of your pet. Shampoo and conditioner are always included and available within reach.

We know this part can make a mess, which is why customers love using our units. We clean the mess for you!

Finish off using the towels provided and our air dryer that includes adjustable speed and temperature.

Keep your dog smelling good and looking great, without the hassle and mess of home bathing!

U Wash Dog Wash Healthi Paws

Our 2 dog wash units include:

  • Waterproof aprons, shampoo/conditioner, towels, blow-dryer
  • Hydraulic foot pedal to raise & lower shower unit.
  • Shower head with easy pull-trigger and flexible hose.
  • Tub ring with attached lease restraint.
  • Multiple eye hooks to secure pet within tub.
  • Rubber mat to keep your dog elevated above the dirty water.
U Wash Dog Wash Healthi Paws